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Places are more than just walls and timber, they are masonry with history.

They are outstanding stories to be read and lived. Each one of our hotels has been authored by its surroundings and history, expressed as a gallery of iconic objects.

Bisaccia sarda

Sa Bértula, or Sardinian saddlebag, is a textile product commonly found throughout the region; it has very ancient origins and it is strongly linked to the daily life and traditions of Sardinia in the past.

It is made up of a single band of fabric, made on the loom. It can be in wool, cotton, or linen yarns. At the end, the band is folded and sewn on the edge, to form two large pockets.

It was part of the textile artifacts for the work of farmers and shepherds. The saddlebag was carried on the shoulder by the farmers, or placed on the back of the horse or donkey, and kept the necessary for travel; it represented the very essence of the journey.

Today the Bértula is a collector’s item, to be exhibited as a decoration or during festivals and Island Fest. Nowadays, there are several artisans who reproduce traditional artifacts, to satisfy the high demand.

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